Pegasvs Feat. Xuli – Drinking With My Eyes (Hugo LX Remix) [Burnin Music Recordings]

Burnin Music - Pegasvs Hugo LXWith an already eclectic catalogue of music just a mere three releases in, London-based imprint Burnin Music Recordings looks to continue that trend. Stepping up to the plate on the fourth release is label head, Pegasvs, who is making his production debut. Featuring alongside him on the single “Drinking With My Eyes” is the multi-talented Xuli, a UK-based poet, singer and dancer.

Together, the two manage to create a strikingly contemporary piece of music which pulls from influences across varying areas of dance music, and is already drawing comparisons to acclaimed groups Hercules and Love Affair and Azari & III. Enlisted on remix duties is none other than French luminary producer, Hugo LX, who delivers a deeper take on the original with shimmering cosmic leads, lush chords and a bubbly low end.

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“Drinking With My Eyes” is not only meant to be consumed aurally, but visually as well. The accompanying video is a dazzling display of choreographed movement alongside unique lighting techniques that help to further engross the viewer. To top it all off, renowned fashion designer and Timberland’s creative director, Christopher Raeburn, provided the distinctive stylistic identity for the clip.

In short, “Drinking With My Eyes” is a modern triumph that comes as a complete package from top to bottom. A crossover with true global potential.

Make sure to not miss their release party on the 28th April at Five Miles in London. Vinyl release is available now on while digital release will be available from 17th May on all platforms.