Peer Du – Set U Free [Haŵs Music]

set u free - Haŵs Music

Berlin-based Peer Du has crafted a dreamy, luxurious sound in recent years, which is no wonder why the Haŵs crew have summoned him to unite with their ever-budding family tree. The Welsh label and party-starters have been quietly watering their roots throughout the previous months, and with its latest re-potting for its fourth EP comes a provocative collection of tracks that slink outwards from the ether like a polychrome, sonic mosaic.

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The B-side of the record motions in some subtle variety with an increase in tempo from “Set U Free”; there’s a broad mix of production in this one – airy chord progressions that sigh outwardly in great heaves amongst experimental synth modules and 90s-esque melodies.

Peer Du’s “For Those” EP is like watching an expert tailor nimbly thread the eye of a needle with a gossamer fibre before effortlessly combining together textures, colours and adornments without once making a wrong movement. Be sure to buy your copy on bandcamp.