Pedro – Faces sob o sol [WOLF MUSIC]

Pedro She Is EP packshotIn 2018’s Wolf Music touched on the burgeoning talent of rising Portuguese star Pedro, this 2019 follow-up delves deep into the accomplished head that rests on those youthful shoulders.

Opening the EP, ‘She is’ gives a taste of the path Pedro takes with this record. A ten-minute twisting trip, that moves and melds modern jazz leanings with a rugged aesthetic. Off kilter sax flurries, at times gleaming, at others melting, open up the distorted dreams of Pedro’s world, as a metronomic double bass attempts to steady the ship. Metallic rides and abrupt percussive hits contrast with the sustained piano chords, further foraging down his surrealist sidewalk. Take to the flip to find the waltzing ‘Faces sob o sol’. A beat-less contemporary jazz piece in 3/4 time, where deft piano melodies dance around a looped up, muted guitar phrase and twanging riffs. A simplicity born from only a handful of layers, that in turn creates a free-flowing fluidity through this jazz rabbit hole. The most club ready of the cuts, ‘Alef’ rolls around next, where a funked out bass and psychedelic strummings, marry with crisp cymbals and polished piano playing. Pedro’s dream inducing trip still takes its hold though, with distorted, panning, hallucinogenic vocal cries swelling across the airwaves. Stepping up to close out the EP, Moomin flips ‘Faces sob o sol’ on its head, laying a rough and ready, liquid DnB rhythm as the basis alongside adding delicate arps and sweeping, atmospheric pads that follow Pedro’s original. As hypnotizing as its forebearer, but with an ethereal dancefloor orientated radiance.

With hundreds of new producers cropping up, week by week, it’s rare to be challenged by something of such high quality from an up-and-coming artist. And with jazz finding a new lease of life across the UK, Pedro’s latest output will be sure to find a home on these shores. Be sure to grab your copy here.