OUER – Undine [Dirt Crew Recordings]

dirt crew - ouer
Since their 2016 debut, Ouer having been making serious waves in the realm of house music. Whether it’s through their own OUER imprint, or impressive releases on the likes of Heist or Neovinyl, Ouer have by now proved themselves as a name that’s definitely here to stay. Having released their last EP just three months ago, Ouer show no signs of slowing down as they kick off their 2019 with what might be their most inspiring EP to date: The Stingray Nebula EP on Dirt Crew Recordings.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ouer-undine” /]
The Stingray Nebula EP features 5 tracks, ranging from the smooth percussive bliss of ‘Thales’, the emotional late night piano of “Inside”, to the etheric arpeggiations of the Stringray Nebula, this release spans a vast variety of genres and feelings. Our pick is the A side closer titled ‘Undine’. The most loop-based track on the EP, ‘Undine’ has an almost trance-like quality, growing and blossoming as it plays, it builds and builds until it erupting in a burst of energy. A party track and emotional experience both in one, ‘Undine’ is one “moving” track if we’ve ever seen one, both literally and figuratively!While staying true to their Chicago and Detroit inspired roots, Ouer have been consistently pushing their own boundaries, incorporating elements and sounds from a seemingly ever-growing arsenal of musical influences. Take a trip to the Stingray Nebula on us, we’re sure you’ll want to stick around!Pre-order the Stingray Nebula EP here.