Ouer – 505 internal error

ouer - 505 internal errorContinuing their 26 part exploration of the Latin alphabet is German live-duo OUER. “D,” in their own words, is “all about the letter D. Every record brings out a new direction, a discovery of unknown spheres while stepping out of [our] comfort zone.” An accurate description as it turns out, as all three tracks found on “D” reflect an expanding vision of what the duo’s music be.

The unusually named “500 Internal Server Error” begins with a hypnotic beat underneath a rising melody. Subtle changes and variations help pull the listener into a trance before being snapped back to reality around the one-minute mark. The bass drum leaves behind its heartbeat-like pattern and begins thumping reliably on the downbeat alongside a descending bassline — smartly juxtaposing the continuous upward motion of the lead synth.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ouer-500-internal-server-error” /]

“Five O Nine” is a difficult to pin down track that comes into its own after a surprise twist near the end of the track that sees previous sounds fall by the wayside as a rowdy, pulsing bass line enters the mix. Taking the energy up a notch before tying in the previous components, “Five O Nine” stands out as one of the most unique productions to escape OUER’s studio.

From its opening chord sequence, its apparent “Delta” is going to be an emotional journey. And while those opening chords repeat throughout the entire arrangement, various synthesized and percussive layers work together to transform the initial mood from calming lows to soaring highs.

Their ability to efficiently combine sophisticated arrangements, engaging modulations, and soothing melodies is refreshing amongst a current overflow of sample-laden house music.  It’s clear OUER is serious in their commitment to musicality and live performance, and we’re excited to see the limits of what they can accomplish with such timeless, mindful offerings such as this.