Otto taimela – Sunshine: Reloading

Otto Taimela (interestingly, when written in French as “t’aime là,” it means “Otto loves you there”) is a part of the new wave of quietly innovative contemporary Finnish artists. His releases, spanning from local Finnish labels like Ultraääni Records to international platforms such as Reflections by Anjunadeep, showcase a broad spectrum from contemporary neo-classical to dubby experimental minimal techno and lofi house.

“Sunflower Seeds”, his debut release on Cold Blow, captures the essence of spring’s rebirth, the return of warmth, and the energizing effect of sunlight designed to thaw the winter chill from the listener’s soul. The premiere track “Sunshine: Reloading”’ features a blend of ambient-breakbeat music with a nuanced experimental mix of colors and textures, delivering a melody that’s both spacious and vaguely hazy. Moreover, Otto’s own delicate piano playing adds a deeply personal touch to the track.

The EP is also the start of a trilogy from Otto Taimela, with the next releases planned for SWIMS, the experimental sister imprint of Cold Blow.

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