OOFT! – Uptown Haze [Foto Recordings]

After a quiet couple of years, Glasgow house music veteran Ali Herron aka OOFT! (soundcloud) is back with a bang, set to release his debut LP “Intricacies of Modern Life” on his own label, Foto Recordings. The album will be out on a double-LP vinyl package as well as on CD and marks the first album both for Ali and for his label. On the 2×12” you’ll find 10 tracks, but the CD also includes an intro, interlude and outro. Until a recent string of edits and a digital EP, we hadn’t heard much from the Scottish producer and now we know why. Almost 3 years in the making, the album was taking up most of his time in the studio. Pair that with manufacturing delays at MPO and faulty test pressings, well, it’s self explanatory.

The Glaswegian producer is known for his low-slung deep house leanings as well as his numerous edits released over the years and we get a full glimpse of his various styles on the debut album. Tracks like DSRV and Not In Love showcase exactly some of the sounds that OOFT! has become known for, with slower tempos and heady grooves chugging along. The title track Intricacies of Modern Life as well as Proteus Maximus and World Keeps Turning exhibit a more melodic approach with lush synths and arpeggiated rhythms.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ooft-uptown-haze” /]

Some of the more peak-friendly cuts, such as our premiere today, Uptown Haze, as well as Let Yourself Go and Love Shock, display Ali’s knack for finding catchy vocal samples that only serve to aid the infectious rhythms bound to cause some beguiling moments on the dance floor. Finally, the DJ favourites are The Big C, with its atmospheric chords, strings and fantastic synth work and Keep On Pushin’, with fervent rhythms, moody chords, big stabs and of course the mesmerizing vocals of Stee Downes.

Overall, “Intricacies of Modern Life” leaves little to be desired as an album, striking a nice balance between some easy listening and club-friendly cuts. Although known for a lot of edit work in the past, OOFT’s debut LP really focuses on his roots as a house producer first and foremost, with subtle nods to disco and other influences sprinkled throughout. The album should be out on vinyl next week so be sure to pre-order your copy directly from OOFT’s Bandcamp or at the usual haunts.