NY*AK – Onions (ft. Mark Hand) [Quintessentials]

London-based Quintessentials continues to chug along. After their 10 year anniversary and impressive 60th release, they’ve already gone on to release two more EPs with the third one on the way now. Stepping up to the plate this time is NY*AK. The Newcastle-based hardware guru already has an impressive resume of releases under his belt on labels such as Local Talk, Phonica’s Karakul and Ninja Tune’s Techinicolour imprints. The Vice EP on Quintessentials is another strong outing, featuring everything from sultry vocals on the A1 ‘After the Sun’ to deep and raw Detroit grooves on the title track ‘Vice’.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-nyak-onions-ft-mark-hand” /]
This is a truly versatile EP and today we’re happy to be premiering the B2 track ‘Onions’ featuring collaborator Mark Hand, who also played keys on NY*AK’s track Shadow which was released on Technicolour. Mellow keys and a deep bass are joined by some funky guitar licks as the track gets under way. The percussion continues to build up as a synth lead joins the fray. Onions continues to slowly develop until looped vocals and off-kilter keys take over, flipping it into a bit of a deeper jam and pleasantly surprising us with the juxtaposed moods. This one gets our seal of approval and the rest of the EP is no slouch either.You can already pre-order your copy at various shops as the record is set to be out on February 8th.