Nervous Operator – Sequence Break [Silva Electronics]

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Nervous Operator‘s latest album, “Psychic Diffraction,” an audacious nine-track collection where the pulse of syncopated rhythms and psychedelic synthcraft meet the ethereal realms of ambient melodies and hypnagogic dreamscapes.

Forging a path that diverges from the digitally-centered composition of his last album, “Chronostasis” released on Dreamtone in 2021, Nervous Operator, who is based in Vancouver, embraces the raw energy and imperfections of live performance. “Psychic Diffraction” has its roots in two dynamic live PA sets, which served as the creative essence for the album. The original performances were recorded, only to be reworked through a studio process that refined and enhanced the compositions without sacrificing the spontaneous spirit of the live experience. Utilizing an impressive array of hardware, including an Octatrack, Rytm (gratitude to Josh Rose aka Derivatives for lending the device), Syntakt, and the Mopho, Nervous Operator ensures each track delivers a palpable and vibrant auditory experience that is tinged with tactile warmth.

“Psychic Diffraction” is also a homage to the influence Chicago, where Nervous Operator previously lived, had on the artist’s creative process. “Much of my inspiration came from my time in Chicago and the musicians and DJs I met through various shows and parties. I greatly appreciated the freedom of exploration and melding of genres”. As a result, the album boasts an eclectic blend of industrial, electro, breakbeat, and techno. “I always aim to create small ‘worlds’ for the listener to explore sonically and to layer textures in such a way that allows the listener to discover new elements on repeated plays,” Nervous Operator reflects. “Psychic Diffraction” indeed offers a multilayered auditory odyssey that becomes richer with each listen.


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