Moonee – Evening World [Oath]

2024 gets underway, Oath are thrilled to share the imprint’s latest long play, which comes courtesy of rising star Moonee – and you better believe its a solid gold stunner…

Francois Lefevre, the producer behind the Moonee name – alongside his group projects Twice Movement and Simple Request (with French House royalty Tour-Maubourg) – really optimizes all that is bold and beautiful about the House genre. The release of ‘Wabi Sabi’ on Groovence in 2022, then ‘Primal Groove’ on Slothboogie last year, has already helped Lefevre craft a significant space for himself under the Moonee name. His sound is one of tremendous melodic feel, with a plethora of rhythmic patterns and atmospheres being utilised to help create a bountiful sonic universe. His attention to how the groove unravels and how progression can be used softly but subtly really comes over strong, immersing the listener in a very warm place indeed. As beginnings to discographies go, this start is immensely strong, and one which provides a rock solid basis for all sorts of excellence to come forth.

Two EPs down, and now this fantastic long play. Moonee really flexed his style and craft on this record, one which constantly delighted at every turn, providing an enriching spectrum of sounds that stick true to his production technique and to his craft. Not for one second do you stand still, but merely carried along on a wave of melodic euphoria, simply pleased to be along for the ride. The dips from heavy hitting though to softly spoken at handled so well, and as a result we are left with a pretty damn good way to enter in 2024. Winter has arrived, but warm your heart with this stunner.

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