mixed by M.ono & luvless

À eux deux, M.ono et Luvless ont certainement façonné une grande partie de notre House favorite ces dernières années. En tant que producteurs leur réputation n’est plus à faire après leurs excellents disques sur certains des meilleurs labels d’aujourd’hui dont Kolour LTD, Heist pour M.ono ou encore la série Sleazy Beats Black Ops pour Luvless. Leur propre Rose Records est un autre de ces labels emblématiques du renouveau de la House européenne (bien que comparativement peu actifs, la qualité est toujours au rendez-vous), servant de sortie créative à nos deux sujets du jour en plus d’une flopée d’excellentes productions de leur compatriote allemand et autre patron du label: Martin Hayes; ainsi que d’un très bon EP de Junktion, sorti au coeur de la chaleur estivale de 2015 et aussitôt adopté. Ci-dessous, un apercu de leur influences, de leur futur et de ce qui leur tient à coeur avec un mix aux petits oignons pour régaler les oreilles.

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01. Kaffe Crème – Chez Moune
02. Funkyjaws – Acid Indie Club
03. Laurence Guy & Harry Wolfman – The Schrew
04. Thatmanmonkz – Jus Anutha Wunna Deez
05. Laurence Guy – Thinking Of You
06. Lootbeg – Your love Is A Vacuum
07. Daniel Leseman – On My Mind
08. M.ono & Luvless – Walnuss Express
09. Fries & Bridges – Just Because (Just Beacuse (Ghetto Mix)
10. M.ono – Love Pass You By
11. Andrade – Clouds Up
12. M.ono & Luvless – Get Down


Hi and thank you for being with us! Could you introduce yourselves and your work up to now?
Hi, we are M.ono & Luvless, we run the label Rose Records and we released some shizzle on labels like Heist, Razor ´n Tape, Sleazy Beats and Tsuba just to mention a few…

You’ve both been present on Rose Records from the start, can you tell us more about the label and how you manage it?
We started Rose Records from scratch in 2011 I guess just with our idealism and a handful of bucks for the first release. Super exciting times back then and still to this day. DIY is still the main driving force and we try to keep it always fun and not business. Some great records will come this year. We used to distribute the records by ourselves but last year we teamed up with Oye Records for all those things after they invited us.

Those first Rose Records compilations have been fetching crazy prices on the resale market, how do you feel about that? Also, are there any represses in the works?
We don´t really care about such things. We appreciate all people loving and playing our records and supporting us. But some of them might have other purposes just as selling high-priced records. Our records are still limited and a repress won´t come anytime soon. We didn´t do that because we wanted to limit a record artificially. We just didn´t  have enough money to do more.

What first pushed you guys to collaborate?
We made our apprenticeship together and we both are passionate music lovers from various genres. That´s just more than 15 years ago. Talking about music was just natural. I (Luvless) bought my first record players when i was at the gentle age of 16. Oh man, that´s a long time ago. M.ono was fiddling around with several DAW´s at this point like Reason and I tried to tickle out the most of my old 486 Pentium to get Fruity Loops running. We had the same feeling about music and how it should sound like. Warm and groovy. We also liked the idea to do things together. Years later we were sitting outside a club, talking, had a tipple and decided to start a label.. ha ha that´s it.

M ono & luvless

What is your process for collaboration? Do you share a studio? How does the magic happen?
When we’re working on our projects it’s just a no-brainer. We just do what we’re up to. We don’t have a certain thing in mind or even don’t know how it should sound in the end. It just comes naturally. It often just starts with a beat one of us created or a sample we both dig and then we’re building a structure around that part. We’re working together and as separate parts when we can’t meet. So sometimes we have two versions of a project and choose one to work on further together. We don’t share a studio. Not yet. Don’t know if that is something for future plans as a creative space to hang out and make music. At the moment we both don’t mind. Our door is always open for each other, so…

What do you try to suggest through your music? What are your goals with it?
It’s easy. We just want to create something we both would like to hear on the dancefloor in different situations and moods. I think that is the main thing in our mind if i would say so.

What is next for you guys? Can we expect new releases?
This year is pretty exciting. We’re gonna put out some bits on labels like the wonderful Kolour Ltd. We’re gonna create a whole EP for them boys over at Houston. Just great. Furthermore new releases are in the line for Razor ‘n Tape. Thanks Aaron and Jason! We also contributed a track for the 10 years Tsuba compilation which will be released some time in the first half of this year. Also working on stuff for Traxx Underground, Fina and O*RSelfs which is a new sublabel of our good friend Filburt. On his label we put out “Never Gonna Leave You” just to mention beside. As you can see we have a full schedule which is just great and we’re really thankful that people are loving what we’re doing so much.

What labels and/or artists do you dream of working with?
We’ve worked with so many great people to this point we’d never dreamed of working with. So there’s no certain artist or label yet. Everyone has their own potential.

How would you define your main musical influences?
We both went through various genres like drum ‘n bass, hiphop, soul and disco. As we’re born in the 80s and raised in the 90s we can’t hide from some pop, as well as we both discovered and experienced the more underground kind of electronic music in the mid 90s.. That was the time when people started organizing illegal parties in warehouses and old bunkers from the war. Amazing times and amazing new music and even a whole new spirit for both of us.

What have been your best gigs to date?
They were all just great as of yet? We experienced a lot of love. Thanks to every promoter who ever invited us and every dancer who ever danced with us. We hope you’re gonna join us in the future.

Any other things that you’d like to talk about?
My mouth is already fuzzy!

What are your last musical discoveries ? Anything that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?
Luvless: At the moment I really dig the album “The Breeze – Cocktails by the Pool”. One of my new discoveries besides so many others. Great tropical beats; a lazy afternoon; two lovers kissing. “Cocktails by the Pool” and I love to listen to a radio station called “Illinois Street Lounge” while having a good coffee and browsing books about records and art-stuff…

M.ono: I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop and RnB music from the late 1990s & 2000s mostly when I´m on the way with the tram or my bycicle. Sometimes some pop music from the 80s as well. I´m not an album listener, I love to create playlists and listen to them. And of course I search for new tracks for our dj sets if i have time.

Sébastien Lulin