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Younger Than Me started it’s journey as a duo back in 2016, but a couple of years ago it turned to a solo project lead by Italian Francesco Mingrino with a home base in Berlin. With critically acclaimed releases on labels like Bordello A Parigi, Amsterdam-Utrecht based platform XXX, Rotterdam’s Bar and Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno – Francesco also founded his own 90’s Wax imprint in 2017. Since then he delivered both solo EPs and collaborations with the likes of Skatebård, Francesco Farfa and Timothy Clerkin. 90’s Wax operates as a sub-label of Tusk Wax and Francesco happens to be a co-owner of the parent label as well.

Offering a modern take on 90’s influenced progressive house, trance, EBM, breakbeat and techno – 90’s Wax pretty much defines Italian’s love for contemporary influences of club music and rave culture in general. Having founded a new DJ and production collaboration with Curses named Y2C – a project born during corona times and which sees the pair deliver their own version of “rave wave” pairing together their love for 80s new wave and 90s rave – the duo’s fresh “Still there” EP is available now through Live at Robert Johnson label.

About all this and Younger Than Me’s guest mix for Bolting Bits “Mixed By” series in the Q&A session below.



Hi Francesco! We hope this finds you well. Real pleasure to host you in our “Mixed By” series. Where are you at the moment?
Hey guys :) Thank you for inviting me, It’s my pleasure to be part of this series! In this moment I’m on the train, coming back home (Berlin) from last night’s gig in Nijmegen

You’ve spent quite a bit of time in Berlin. Would you say that in became your second home by now? What do you like and dislike the most about Berlin?
Yeah we can definitely say it, living here now since 2019.
So, I still like the international environment and the open mindset of the city. What I don’t like for sure is the weather. Musically speaking tho, I think Berlin is still too “stuck” with the same genres, for example in all the main parties you can basically listen mostly techno or house when the electronic music world is huge and has plenty of genres all with their own different nuances. Maybe I saw some little progress in the last year, but still not that much.

Tell us a bit more about your residency at Tempio Del Futuro Perduto in Milan. What kind of place it is and for how long you’ve been a resident there? Any memorable nights/events that come to mind straight away?
Tempio Del Futuro Perduto is a multicultural center In Milan engaged in a lot of social projects. It is not a club, I would describe it more like a “box” of/for culture, arts and social initiatives and that’s what makes it special! My residency there started in 2019 and my favorite nights are definitely the ones where I play all night long!

If you had to compare Berlin’s and Milan’s nightlife and it’s culture. What would you say are the main differences and similarities? Which one do you like/prefer best/the most? :)
Mmm ok, let’s say that it’s not possible to make an actual comparison: Milan is definitely the best place in the country for electronic music, but the actual problem is that Italy in general doesn’t really have a proper electronic music or club scene, which is also one of the main reasons I’ve decided to move from Milan to Berlin. It’s not easy to live out of my job over there.

You had a chance to tour extensively and play in many different places and clubs around the world. Which places/experiences left a lasting impression and where would you really like to return in near future to play again? Or maybe there are venues/clubs that you haven’t performed at yet, but would really like to check them out?
Yeah fortunately I’m pretty busy at the moment and I couldn’t be more glad and happy about it!
So, I have to say that lately I’m pretty much impressed from French scene: I found great parties and big and warm crowds. There’s one club in particular that has a special place in my heart, it’s located in the the north-west of France, in Nantes: the “Macadam club”. I played a closing set on a Sunday at the party “Gloria” and WOW! Everything was perfect! The people stayed with me from the first till the last record, it was very emotional…
There are some others venues that feels like home like “Lizdas” in Kaunas or “Jasna 1” in Warsaw, but also “Mess” party in Paris and “Radio Club” in Irapuato, Mexico. I feel very grateful and lucky to have such a nice and special kind of relationships with some clubs I played in!

We know that you’re good friends with another famous Italian producer based in Berlin – Massi Pagliara. Maybe you’ve been cooking something together lately somewhere in the studio and maybe we can expect to hear something from the two of you in the future? :)
Spoiler Alerts 🚨 maybe …

Tell us also a little bit more about your latest collab Y2C with another famous talent and figure from Berlin – Curses. How you guys decided to get together and start producing? The first Y2C EP is out now on Live at Robert Johnson and there’s more in the pipeline, right?
Luca is one my best friends,,he’s a real brother for me. During lockdown I didn’t see so many people and Luca was one of the few ones. It was exactly in that moment that we started thinking: “why not to try to mix our genres? Ok, they’re different but somehow they fit and sound particularly good together”, and that’s how and when we decides to create Y2C! :)
There are a lot of things in pipeline including some gigs… 😈I’m really looking forward

And what’s cooking in YTM’s camp and studio? Will any productions see the light of day this year? What’s in store for you for the rest of 2022 gigs wise?
Ok, so: Right now I’m mixing my first album, but I don’t know if it will see the light this or early next year, press records time are crazy at the moment but I have an EP coming out soon for the Berlin label “Warning” and some tracks in some VAs

And finally, tell us a bit about the mix you made for Bolting Bits. What was the main idea and emotions when making this one?
Well, basically the idea is always the same: to “communicate” my style to who’s listening to my music ( live or in a podcast ). I think that at this point I quite have my “trademark” let’s say and you can like it or not, of course, but I’m happy and proud to have achieved it.

Thanks ever so much for the answers! <3 All the best from Vilnius,

Interview by Ramunas.