MIXED BY/ Wolfey


A pre-party warm up mix for a night out with friends, is how Wolfey describes his and the newest contribution to our Mixed By series. The born and bred Vancouverite kindly answered some questions so you could get to know a little bit the man behind the music.

We briefly talk about his journey from a student of Tibetan Buddhism to musician, his upcoming releases and what it’s like making music in Vancouver.


wolfey - mixed by

So maybe you could start by giving us some info about your background. Be as brief or as descriptive as you like! Where do you come from and how long have you been based in Vancouver? 
I was born and raised in Vancouver. But I went away to school in Montreal for a few years to study history and philosophy, and then I moved to Boulder, Colorado for a couple of years to study Tibetan Buddhism. And now I’m back living in my hometown and working on music.

How did your musical journey begin? Had you always been into music? What did you get up to in 2019, musically or otherwise? 

My first instrument was the violin. When I was about 16, I started playing the guitar, singing, writing songs and performing. A little later when I went away to college, I started a music blog with my friends called Low-Life; (it no longer exists). Gradually, I got more into DJing and producing.

This past year I’ve been working on music for a compilation on Pacific Rhythm, as well as an EP coming out later this year on Echovolt Records out of Athens, as well as a bunch of other stuff that probably won’t ever make it out!

And what does 2020 look like for you? Do you have any musical plans that you’re particularly excited about?
My plan for 2020 is to make a lot more music and hopefully get some more of it out into the world.

With your track H.U.W., you made a great contribution to Pacific Rhythm’s recent various artist’s compilation. Would you say that track is similar to a lot of the music you’ve been making or interested in recently? 
I’d say so. For me, this track draws on jazz, Latin, funk, disco, and house. These are all styles of music that I love and listen to. H.U.W is based on samples from a Japanese Jazz Funk record, with some additional drum machine and synthesizer parts layered over top.

On my EP coming out on Echovolt later this year, I didn’t use any samples. It has a more electronic sound that is reminiscent of early Chicago house like Larry Heard, or Detroit techno like Underground Resistance.
This is a tough one… but how would you summarise your musical style? 
I’m all over the place… Blues, Jazz, Rock n’ Roll, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Dub, Disco, Balearic, House, Techno, Ambient…

Which, if either, do you consider more central to your musical identity: producing and composing or DJing? 
For me, DJing definitely fuels my inspiration to produce. When I discover some new music that really gets me excited, it makes me feel inspired to create in the studio.

Do you have any experience touring as a DJ or performer of another sort? Is this something you hope to do or continue to do in the foreseeable future? 
I’ve done a fair bit of DJing around Vancouver but hope to have the opportunities to travel and share my music in other cities in the future.

Are you content in Vancouver? Can you see yourself moving in the near or distant future? 
Maybe one day I could see myself moving or at least spending part of the year somewhere else… Maybe Los Angeles … or Barcelona? But Vancouver is a special place and it will always be home.

What’s the best thing about being involved with Vancouver’s music scene, and Canada’s in general? 
The people of course! The artists, DJs, music heads, promoters, dancers and party people make it the vibrant and inspiring community that it is.

And lastly, tell us about this mix! What would be the ideal listening environment for something like this?
I’d say, put it on in the evening when you’re hanging with your mates to get warmed up before heading out to a party!


Interview by Jacob