MIXED BY/ Red Axes


Created by producers & DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, Red Axes constantly defies classification while remaining a stalwart of the dance music scene beginning with the launch of “Break It!” an underground psychedelic electronic party series in Tel-Aviv in 2009. Red Axes have helped dancers around the world bridge the intersecting tastes between rock and electronic music, and are known for their dozens of EPs and albums across the last ten years as well as recent outings via Redrago (alongside DJ Tennis).

Arriving hot on the heels of their latest EP for Phantasy Sound titled “Some Lights,” their mix for Bolting Bits showcases their singular vision – merging a kaleidoscopic range with driving tempos that demand listeners lean in and participate. In addition, Dori and Niv have been kind enough to answer some questions from the Bolting Bits team to learn more about their selections and how they’re envisioning the future of their long-standing project.


Can you tell us a bit about what influenced some of your selections in this mix?
The main influence of this mix is the release itself, wanted to build some kind of atmosphere that will fit the EP vibes.
It’s a clubby mix, something that definitely represent the sound of our club gigs, some punky textures and rave elements.

Some Lights is a return to the Phantasy Sound imprint – how did you and Erol Alkan connect for this latest release? How did you decide him + team were the right partners for this most recent outing?
It’s our 3rd EP with Phantasy, all of them are talking the same language and the connection is kind of obvious to us, we had some tracks that we felt could be part of this series and sent it over to Erol. The sound of this EP is clearly the direction we are going through with the label, there wasn’t even a decision, it was clear.

With the unwavering commitment that you’ve made to the sounds and tempos the Red Axes project has been operating within for over a decade now, how important is it for your work together to remain agnostic to bubbling trends and sounds within the dance music world?
We are always trying to challenge the project and each other with new ideas and references, sometimes it works well and sometimes it makes as remember who we really are as Red Axes, trying to do some fresh and futuristic stuff but remain ourselves and remember the foundations of this culture.

After so many years working together within the Red Axes lane, do the minimal wave/post-punk influences that seem to crop up throughout your career remain a conscious effort, or simply part of the DNA?
Yes it’s a main influence, we started there, post punk etc is definitely us and we will never throw it away. In every thing we do we want to feel it.

You’ve released several projects that merge your unique ethos with the local sounds of places like Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, and India – is the ‘state-of-the-world’ impacting your ability or desire to continue this series?
Totally, we’re already discussed it between us and looking to find the next destination. Trips is fundamental to us as well, as we’re getting loads of inspiration out of this series.

Where are you most excited to perform looking ahead at the future?
I just happened last weekend. The last Smala weekender in Vilnius. This place is our second home. We love the Smala guys so much. The party went on for 72 hours. It was pure pleasure.
Big up to Manfredas, Simas, Marius, Vidas and the crew and to Ivan Smagghe that was there with us as well and has a huge part of this connection.

Are there any burgeoning artist that you both find interesting, or perhaps are influencing where Red Axes is heading next?
I think we take pieces of influence from here and there like we always did. There are some fresh things going on but didn’t feel its a sign for a step to Red Axes to follow. Yes there’s definitely room for some new adaptations and creative changes, I try to dig as much as i can some record I really like but didn’t feel super enlightened from new music during this last 2 years. I love the Polito guys under Sleep D’s label. I think its cool stuff in matter of sound and atmosphere of the club, trippy, chuggy and sexy.

What are some acts or tracks that you would recommend for new listeners discovering your work for the first time
I really liked the DJ set Ivan Smagghe played with Manfredas. I think they are doing it quite often nowadays. You should check it out if you have a chance.

Autarkic’s new album on Garzen Records is very close to my heart, just released last week. I love the compilation made by Alicia Carera earlier this year, every song is brilliant there. Our brothers from Malka Tutti, top label no doubts.

New band from Israel named “shen”, Avishag choen Rodriguez from Brooklyn Tel Aviv, the Ialian guy Lamusa 2 and another bizzare producer named Famous Nadav, all of this should see the light of day in Garzen Records in the near future.

Interview by Daniel B.