mixed by Perdu

Fresh off of releases last year on Let’s Play House and Optimo Music, Dutch artist Perdu is set to release Skye EP on Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings on May 6th. The last year has seen his music evolve as his studio evolves, adding new styles and flavors in his tracks as new gear is added to the workflow. His newest release on is a reflection of this evolution, showing hints of deeper house and techno influences alongside world infused rhythms and melodies. The EP is topped with a remix by DJ Boring which will surely be deployed late into sets by DJs around the world all summer long. You can grab a copy soon here.

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We recently had a chance to chat with Perdu about his influences and vision of how a track fits in a club in our newest MIXED BY. Check out our conversation and the mix below.



Tell us where you’re from ?Where are you based now?
Hey! First of all thanks for having me in your mixed by series. I’m from Leiden but living in Amsterdam for over 10 years now.

When did you start DJing?
I (tried) to start DJing when I was fourteen. I got two turntables and a mixer from my older brother at that age. I started collecting vinyl but couldn’t mix for a long time. A friend of mine had these two little CDJ 200’s and a Xone 62 where I learned to play with CD’s. So eventually my first gig happened at the age of 16 in Leiden.

Who were your first musical inspirations?
Next to the cliché kind of artists there were Dutch artists like Olene Kadar, Lauhaus, 2000 and One, Kabale und Liebe who inspired me to start with the music I play nowadays. They played in my hometown Leiden at the LVC a lot back then, where I heard this type of electronic music for the first time. Of course it’s different with what I play nowadays but they made me look into the electronic music world for the first time.

Three artists that inspire you the most?
At the moment? Ehm. Nowadays you have so many great artists coming from Australia and Canada. It’s crazy to see what they’re doing there at the moment. Next to D. Tiffany or Roza Terenzi (which is also in this mix) I must say the whole Danish crew is killing it at the moment as well. But definitely Roza Terenzi is a big inspiration. I read all her interviews/heard almost all her mixes and she’s definitely a musician at heart. Also Danish dj/producers such as DJ Central (also in this mix), C.K. or DJ Sports are a big inspiration to me. I love the way they produce their tracks and work out their mixes.

Three tracks you are playing right now?

Mu Project – Asia Dream (always on repeat through the week, the whole album is great)

Blue Gas – Shadows from Nowhere

Hidden Gems Nation – Big Trouble in Little Asia

Three records you wish you had made?
It’s easier to name three tracks I wish I hadn’t made! Haha.

Who’s Jane?
It’s the second name of my girlfriend. She’s making huge steps in her job she’s working in and is away a lot. So we’re both really busy last couple of months and kind of living in our own world. Even when we’re together at home haha. But we respect it from each other! I guess.. That’s how I came up with the name.

What is it about Sacramento?
Sacramento doesn’t mean anything actually. I made the track and thought the name fitted the vibe of the track.

PERDU_interview_mixed by

Is DJ Boring fun?
I guess. Will probably meet him for the first time upcoming weekend. The Detroit Swindle guys asked him to do the remix so I don’t actually know him. According to the video he did for a cooking channel he must be fun. Don’t tell me that you don’t know that video?

What’s on your rider?
Nothing special actually. Sorry :)

What’s next for you, tell us?
Next to my new Skye EP we were just talking about, which will be released the 6th of May, I got a new remix coming up for a Bulgarian label. It’s from an Oud player; I really love that instrument so I was excited when the label asked me to do the remix. Furthermore I’m finishing a new EP which will be released later this year. Also I’m doing a track on a compilation for an Australian label with some other artists I really like. I can say I’m really grateful how thinks come as they are at the moment.