MIXED BY/ Harrison BDP

Mixed by harrison BDP

We’re more than sure that this one will be a proper treat for all the true house heads out there. Welsh producer and DJ Harrison BDP has been turning heads and making bodies swirl since 2015. Well at least that’s the year when his maiden release dropped on Gents & Dandys records. Maybe it all started earlier and we’re about to find out.

It’s also worth mentioning that Harrison has quite a few rock-solid releases under his belt and we would even dare to say that Harrison’s track “Decompression” (STRCTR records, 2017) would make it to the Top 5 of deep house tracks that were made in the last few years. So we’re really stoked and hyped to host Harrison at our “Mixed by” series today and feel more than eager to ask him a few questions about the past, present and future.


harrison bdp

Hello, mate. First of all we hope that you’re safe and sound. Thanks ever so much for being on our series! It’s a real pleasure to have you! Where are you at the moment and how are you faring through these hectic and crazy times?
The pleasure is all mine. I’m currently at my home in the countryside of South Wales, probably the best place to be given the circumstances ha! I’m kind of enjoying the lockdown to be honest, it’s given me time to work on some new music and most importantly get healthy again….I haven’t been this long without a hangover for the best part of ten years!!

What is your musical upbringing? Have you played any instruments when growing up? If so, have you enjoyed that?
Minimal to say the least, I never played/learnt any instruments at all. During music lessons in school I was the kid at the back of the class pissing about on the triangle or bongos haha. I still can’t play any instruments or even read music to this day, no idea how I got this far.

Do you remember your first attempts of djing? What came first: djing or producing?
Yeah my dad got me my first set of decks when I was like 16 I think, but back then I was mostly mixing hip-hop stuff (lots of shite scratching). In a way the producing came first as I didn’t really take Dj’ing seriously until a couple years after I first started making tunes.

You’ve been lucky enough to play in a lot of different corners of the world. Which places/gigs have left the lasting impression? Where would you like to return again the most and maybe there are places left that you haven’t played yet, but you would love to?
My favourite place to play is probably Tbilisi, I play there often as I’m a resident of Khidi. The party and energy is always nuts there, you often end up playing/partying til gone mid day, plus the Georgian people are really lovely too. I’d really like to play in the US, got a sweet tour there later this year (hopefully its still going ahead lol).

What is your favorite “set and setting” for a DJ gig?
Definitely a small, dark, sweaty basement sort of vibe! Big soundsystem, minimal lighting sort of thing.

What is the most beloved piece of gear that you couldn’t do without in your studio? Is there a particular piece of hardware that you’ve been contemplating about acquiring for quite some time, but didn’t get a chance to buy yet?
Probably the Elektron Octatrak, its sort of the brains of the operation, I use it to sequence all of my synths and it’s great at doing it! I’ve been thinking about diving into the modular/eurorack world, just not sure if my bank account is ready for it haha.

When “Cold Sunday” is getting released? (Please don’t torture us any longer!) :)
Yeah I’ve got bad news in regards to that….I somehow managed to delete the project file accidentally last year haha! I might see if I can get the wav. I’ve got mastered but it had a limiter turned up on the master channel so not sure how that’ll turn out!

And, to wrap things up, describe the mix you made for us. Any stand-out names in the mix you would like to mention?
I dunno man, just some banging tunes for your ears haha.

Thanks a lot for your time and we wish you a safe and creative remainder of 2020!