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Grant was a name that often cropped up among the most talented producers of the now robust and sprawling lofi scene, that did not quite fit the mold. The music was certainly inspired by classic Chicago and Detroit movements of the 90s and early 00s, but the sounds themselves were bold, dense, and textured. Through crestfallen harmonies and cascading rhythms, the mysterious Grant hangs warehouse weapons from crystal chandeliers. Over the past four years, Grant’s compositions have dripped with elegance as they wrap clubs and headphones alike in sumptuous basslines, spectral gospel chants, and graceful hooks—and he shows no signs of stopping.

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As Grant pumps the gas on his output heading into 2019, the veil over his identity flies away revealing Anthony Collins, half of the revered Frank & Tony and co-founder of the Scissor and Thread label. Bolting Bits is proud to present a new mix from this visionary talent, accompanied by a brief Q&A to peel back a bit more on this enigmatic artist.


mixed by grant

Hey Grant, thanks for taking the time to chat with us and prepare something sweet and savory for us to listen to today—care to share a bit about what you’ve cooked up?

Well the mix showcases very well what i play out as dj these days crammed into 1 h … , a mix of more deep classic house , some detroit electro bites & more breaky tracks and a lot of unreleased music by myself.

Let’s start at the beginning for readers looking for a bit of context; The Grant project begins in New York around 2014—what’s going on at that time in clubs and dance music that gives birth to this alter-ego?
The birth of the project as nothing to do with the place where i was at time it is just me wanting to produce music without any background or style to link me up too and let the listeners appreciate the music without any pre conceived ideas. Me just being me in the studio basically.

Your earliest releases on Lauren Bacall, as well as your critically acclaimed (and highly sought-after) debut LP, The Acrobat, evoke such an distinct atmosphere through the masterful music within, coupled with seductive imagery and  beguiling messages of love and loss. Now that you’ve pulled the curtain back on the man behind the mask, are you open to sharing some of the inspirations that play into the Grant mythos writ large?
I find the aesthetic of Hollywood noir quit intriguing , elegant and mysterious , i felt it worked quit well for me to hide behind.

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Between your work as Grant, the Theory of Movement project, and all the work done under your own name, your output lately has been nothing short of prolific; is it difficult (or maybe even inevitable) to create and manage these disparate threads as you develop different interests and styles to explore?
I like the possibility to create new monikers linked to a specific style or atmosphere. As i really appreciate the work in creating design and aesthetics to cater to each new project. Music and visuals art work hand in hand and i like to be able to expand my creativity on all those parameters.

The last few years has seen an extremely fruitful partnership blossom between yourself and the Lobster Theremin family, stretching back to the gargantuan 3xLP Cranks; in what ways did you see what was going on with Jimmy’s world and find them analogous to your goals with Grant?
Well Lobster Theremin was taking care of the distribution of my label The Lauren Bacall, i shared with jimmy the demo album cranks which i was planning on self releasing , but jimmy liked it so much that he offered me to release it on Mork , i gladly accepted that amazing offer and the rest is history.

The Long Game EP, your latest release (out last Friday on SITU records) is another stellar example of what is so captivating about your work; it’s simultaneously a breath of fresh air while remaining reverent to the earliest and most tasteful house practitioners—how to balance walking along such a delicate tightrope?
I don’t try to cater too any trend or style , i just do my best to make honest music. It took me over 10 years of producing before i actually started to really appreciate 100 % what i was putting out so these days i just take place in the driver seat in the studio and let creativity hit me , and go for a ride.

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As we begin to wrap, we were wondering if you have any peers or muses to recommend to Bolting Bits readers should they be compelled to follow Grant down the rabbit hole?
All the classic house , techno producer from late 90’s are a continuous source of inspirations + obviously the more eclectic day to day music that i listen too for my personal pleasure ( hip hop , ambiant , funk , African , Brazilian music , jazz … )

Thanks again for your time Grant, before we part ways are any clues to offer up about what 2019 has in store for you?
I am currently putting the final touches on my new Grant album it should come out summer 2019 … and starting to get back on the road on tour , now that i am based in Europe

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