Midnight Tenderness – Refresco [Ken Oath Records]

There’s a whole lot that goes into a moniker and with a name like Midnight Tenderness (Ryan Hunter), you’d best pay attention! Hailing from the greatest country on earth, (Australia) this fellow’s been entrenched in the Melbourne dance community for quite some time. From hosting radio shows with revered selectors Loose Joints to teaming up with compadre Rings Around Saturn as Turner Street Sound for the recent slamming EP ‘Bunsens Vol.1’, Ryan’s got his fingers in a few pies.

Thankfully for us, this dude of late night sentiment is also exploring the solo avenue. Meet the ‘Refresco’ EP., a suitable companion for both a home system and a set of technics out through my hometown’s Ken Oath Records (Sydney, Australia).

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/midnight-tenderness-ken-oath-refresco” /]

Our focus track is the lead ‘Refresco’. Think an informative tour through the outer reaches of our solar system. Think that feeling you get when the guide almost feels like a close friend when it all winds up. Shimmering synth play and 707 cowbells define the piece, throw in some gorgeous pads and bass and we’ve got a pretty tasty treat. I’d coin ‘Refresco’ a beautiful battery, one of those tracks to whip you back into dance if and when you’re at all faltering. See what all the fuss is about and get carried away with Midnight Tenderness…boy it’s a great name!