Melchior Sultana – The Haze [We Will Always Be A Love Song]

Starting out the year with an EP from Legwork’s label boss LANCE D., wewillalwaysbealovesong have been busy keeping the momentum going from their previous releases in 2017. However, the imprint from Marseille now seems determined to move their sound into a whole new direction – one that slightly diverges from the underground disco and deep house beats they are known for.

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In their latest installment, wewill have managed to employ multi-instrumentalist Melchior Sultana to piece together a 5 track EP called This Is What I Mean, which features music that sounds jazzier and more organic when compared to the rest of their catalog. Our favorite track from the release comes from the B-side and is simply titled The Haze. Throughout the tune, Mr. Sultana is able to incorporate electronic and live recorded elements in order to create a lush, almost palpable array of deep house melodies that surround the listener like a thick fog. Very atmospheric in that sense, The Haze can be utilized in a multitude of settings – either as a chilled out opener to a set or even a nightcap to a late night out.

To grab your copy of this and Melchoir’s four other tunes, make sure to pre-order his release by following the link right here!