PREMIERE : Medlar & FYI Chris – Queen of Tacos [WOLF Music]

wolf music - medlar & FYI Chris

WOLF Music heads Stu & Matt are individuals who are always keeping their ear to the ground in order to discover new talents for their longstanding record label. They also always keep faith with their residents and artists who have been with them since pretty much right in the beginning. They’ve actually stated in the past that the label is based around their three resident producers, Greymatter, KRL and Medlar (soundcloud) who have been a staple on the label and regulars at their showcases since the very beginning. Believing in the development of an artist’s sound is maybe not something every label does these days, usually playing it safe and going with the sound of the moment. But not WOLF Music, who stay true to their roots.

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With that being said, resident Medlar is back with another EP for the UK staple. Speaking of development of sound, WOLFEP042 is once again an indication that Medlar is an extremely versatile producer, this time opting for a more Detroit-inspired, electro sound. Each track on the EP is named after one of the producer’s favourite restaurants in Palermo, Istanbul, Paris and of course Peckham. And who better to enlist for help on a track based on a South London restaurant than FYI Chris, two of Peckham’s finest.

Our premiere, ‘Queen of Tacos‘ has some tough drums with a sampled drum break forming the basis of the groove while a deep bass perfectly plays into the rhythm. Warm chords and warbled acidy tones contrast the slightly colder drums, lending a nice balance to the tune. A saw-y lead synth takes us away into the climax while a cheeky vocal sample asks “are you telling me that you can’t get this in Mexico?”. We foresee this one to be a dance floor monster, taking punters into some joy-filled late night moments.

Pre-order WOLFEP042 here.