PREMIERE : Marenn Sukie – The Theme [Banoffee Pies]

Marenn Sukie Banoffee

Bristol based collective Banoffee Pies celebrates their 5th release on Limited Series imprint.

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Marenn Sukie (soundcloud) aka Chris Roth serves up a drum theme, aptly named ‘The Theme’. Inspired by sample based albums like Bonobo’s ‘Dial m for Monkey’ and Calibre’s ‘Second Sun’, Roth employs a sample based approach to music making. In this instance chopping and mixing some dusty jazz-funk samples, layered behind a pulsating chord pattern and covered in chambers of delay and echo. Stepping up to the plate and taking a big old slice, Roth effortlessly slides in amongst a stellar cast which includes Seb Wildwood and Jon Sable. An explorative and interesting EP from Banoffee Pies, one which captures the imagination and soundtracks sultry summer days. Buy it on Bandcamp now.