PREMIERE : Malouane – Keep Yo Mama Clean [In The Box Records]

Parisian sample-based house label In The Box Records, kicks off 2018 with a project from fellow Parisian, and co-founder of In Any Case Records, Malouane (soundcloud). With previous releases on Lagaffe Tales and his own label, Malouane continues a hot streak with another project full of intelligent sampling and chilled-out deep house grooves. His unique take on creating atmospheres has resulted in comparisons to MCDE and Rick Wade, and if he continues with this charming, jazzy, soulful house he’ll certainly rise in the ranks of producers to watch.

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The EP’s second track, “Keep Yo Mama Clean,” is a clear stand-out. Starting with what sounds like sped-up reggae percussion, the vibe is immediately raw, vintage, and almost live in a sense. The heavy use of vinyl noise drives that feeling home, and sonically we’re transported to a laid-back street-side cafe where strangers sip coffee and read philosophy. Where a young poet tests her poetry to a small crowd and finds grace in her missteps. The track feels like that first morning buzz, that hop in your step, or that feeling like the day is conquerable no matter what it brings. Calm, confident, shimmering. Relaxed yet serious. We’ll take more of this, please.

As a whole, Malouane’s EP is a well-balanced affair that while strikingly simple, is wholly captivating. With solid remixes from Times Are Ruff and dusty-house favourite Cody Currie, you’re sure to find something of value inside this package. Needless to say, keep an eye on In The Box, they’ve been consistent with their releases and we expect them to continue delivering the heat. As for Malouane, we’ve been sold, and we’re always looking forward to more from him. In other words, get in while the gettin’ is HOT.