Malik Alston – I Am (Vocal Mix) [Hardmatter]

hardmatter - malik alston

London’s Hardmatter continues the quality output with The Rebirth EP after last Javonntte release , a new joint from Malik Alston. This project is his first vinyl release in seven years, and it features three live cuts oozing with soul. Already well known in Detroit’s house and jazz scene, Malik builds on the unique style we’ve come to expect from the legend, even bringing in friends (and Hardmatter co-founder Andrés) to assist with various instrumental work.

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Kicking off the A-side is the “I Am (Vocal Mix),” a sultry little bomb sure to spark flame on dancefloors all across the land. Personally, I love tunes that are versatile enough to work in all three stages of a night. “I Am” would be a solid opener, a great peak hour curveball, and a perfect tune to take the night deeper into after-hours territory. Malik kicks things off with lighty swung percussion before putting his own vocal on display, and man does it float ever so nicely over the instrumental. I’m told it’s been years since he’s laid down vocals, and we’re all better off now that he’s decided to rekindle his relationship with the mic. What follows is a beautiful ride through instrumental bliss. “I Am” is one of those songs that clears your head and resets your mood. A pure vibe-shifter. I can’t wait to hear this one on a big system.

Pre-orders for The Rebirth EP are now available on Hardmatter’s Bandcamp. The record releases on July 13th so do not fall asleeeeeeep folks.