Ma Sha Ru – Zer0 [Kindergarten Records]

Following their debut EP Near the Equinoxes released in November on Sorry Records, Ma Sha Ru are set to release four more club ready tracks via the brand new label Kindergarten Records. Out on April 3rd, Zer0 sees the couple exploring the deeper and more chaotic side of their variety of influences. Made in between their respective hubs in Brooklyn and Berlin, Masha and Rù combine here for an exciting mixture of UK bass, electro and gabber that will emerge in plenty of DJ sets around the world once clubs are set to open again. 

The title track is a trippy exploration of deep bass and 808 patterns layered with a hypnotic, computer generated vocal sample. While the focus here is on the rhythm, small changes to the underlying portions of the track will catch the conscious listener’s attention. As the track develops, so does the bassline and more chopped samples provide melodic cover to push the energy forward. A switch to a straightforward kick pattern carries the middle of the track, as the samples and bassline continue to unfurl upon each other and build tension. Once the original patterns and vocal sample return to conclude the song, the listener has completed a heady journey through the couple’s shared love of industrial electro sounds.