M.F.S: Observatory – Z1 [Observatory Music]

M.F.S: Observatory is Italian Mattia Turchetti, and for around a decade now, he has been exploring all facets of techno. Not only has it come on this label but also on the likes of Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains, Second State and Techno Rebels Only. Each and every time, he switches things up and dips into new creative worlds while also retaining a core sense of signature groove.

Opener ‘Z1’ is a potent techno banger with hard-hitting drum funk and pounding basslines. Chopped-up and dehumanized vocals are looped in up top for extra unruliness. ‘Z2’ is another superb showcase of M.F.S: Observatory’s ability to program essential drums. They’re peppered with coarse synths and linear bass that never lets up. ‘Z3’ keeps the pressure up with unrelenting 909 kicks, this time overlaid with spangled synth lines that are loose and unhinged, much like the twisted vocal sounds that also peel off the hypnotic groove. ‘Z4’ is another no-frills and top-quality techno track with more menacing leads that are frazzled and edgy as the hefty drums rumble on, and last of all is ‘Z5’, a fantastic and high-impact closer that brings broken beat patterns and synths with a sense of hope.


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