Lüma-G, piaconcept – Gravlaxed [Adrenaline Quality]

In this EP on Adrenaline Quality, piaconcept and Lüma-G revisit the club with their respective artistic backgrounds. One with her signature sound design borrowing from her IDM and lofi influences, the other with her rhythmic mastery of 90s house. Their common territory is jazz jazz, its rhythms and melodies, but above all its freedom of musical structure!

All continuity includes ruptures. The ocean teaches us that when the current is too strong, we must let ourselves be carried along.
The A-side of the EP dismantles the traditional club structure to offer a version in which the artists allow themselves to break away from the sequencing system dance music. One could be mistaken for thinking that there are several tracks in one, but the ear is easily carried away by this game of questions and answers.

“Gravlaxed” closes the EP with a frenetic cocktail of jersey and break track inspirations, reflecting the way the two artists like to play both separately.


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