LT – Rest Assured [X Kalay]

X kalay - LT
We at Bolting Bits keenly anticipate every release from X-Kalay, a label outputting varied strands of house, techno, breakbeat sounds, electro and more. Recurring themes of music from the London label are gritty drums and acid-or-almost-acid textures, wrapped up in energetic dance floor material suitable for 1-3am peak-time club nights. So we’re unsurprised, in the best possible way, about their latest release.

Today we’re premiering Rest Assured, the B1 track from LT’s debut EP on label. The three track record certainly has a particular sound, an original style. All three tracks flow smoothly between sections of almost only drums and bass into long stretches of uplifting and brighter pads and chords. The result is that sweet spot between change and continuity.

Rest Assured is the slowest and our favourite of the three tracks. Heavy breakbeat rhythms pop up sporadically throughout the song, sometimes intersecting with long, drawn out pads. Electricsounding percussion is another nice feature. If that’s hard to picture, that’s because it’s hard to describe. Let’s go with something like high-pitched tom drums if they spoke robot? The safest bet is to check it out for yourself.

The A1 track, Sputnik (B.S.S.), on the other hand, is faster and more energetic. There’s a similar dynamic between breakbeats and pads, but the vibe is, unmistakably, designed for a warmed-up dance floor. B2 and the title track of the EP, Staminize, sits somewhere between the other two. It’s powerful without being forceful or abrasive and could feasibly be weaved into a set in the first or latter half of a night.

Staminize drops today, January 14. So, especially you crate diggers, do yourselves a favour and get on this one early.