Low Tape – Why Is Life So Strange [X-KALAY]

x-kalay - low tape

Today’s premiere is coming from ‘Low Tape‘ the Russian producer who is already known for a bright sound landscape, and a little spark of lo-fi experimental flavor. He presents us today with a colourful 5 track acid and electro banger. The previous releases on ‘of paradise’ ‘Mechatronica ‘ and ‘Neo Violence’ made him become a well-known producer and now he’s debuting on the British label ‘X-Kalay‘ as well. The variety of sounds on the new release, ‘Road Valley’ EP, again displays the diversity and convertible style of ‘Low Tape’s’ production. The EP is full of club weight tracks, and gentle melodic sensitivity.

Title track ‘Road Valley’ opens up the EP, with broad melodic synth lines, underpinned by breezy percussion on deep pads and warm rumbling bass. An almost spherical intro of ‘Red Lights In Ma Eyez’ is floating on groovy chords, celestial pads and surprises with a consistent acid line.

The flip opens with a much more hammering acid line, straight up, on ‘Acid Television’, supported by deep bass and sharp percussion, opening the B-side with a real electro banger. Moving on with a euphoric atmosphere on an almost classic 303 ‘Low Tape’-sound with ‘Technovia’, are driving acid lines, urgent drums and tense pads unite to form a smooth club cut.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-low-tape-why-is-life-so-strange” /]

Finally, we arrive at our Bolting Bits premiere, the delightful closing of the flipside with ‘Why Is Life So Strange’. Perfectly matching synths with easy percussion and soaring melodies help us drift into melancholy and introspection.

We can warmly recommend grabbing the copy of the ‘Road Valley`EP here, to enjoy the diversified sound of ‘Low Tape’ with an EP of powerful ups and melancholic downs.