PREMIERE : Lou Karsh – Robotnik [X-Kalay]

lou karsh - x kalay

Melbourne’s own Lou Karsh (soundcloud) steps up for X-Kalay’s 11th release with a fantastic EP of deep acid and techno. Previously, Lou has only released a handful of projects on his own imprint, Lou Karsh Records, and under a mysterious alter ego, Reptant. Here we find him flipping the switch between celestial sounding acid techno and more analogue driven machine workouts, a welcome combination of sounds that are certainly primed for the dancefloor.

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The B1, “Robotnik,” was an instant favorite of the Bolting Bit’s staff. Taking cues from acid vets like Paranoid London, “Robotnik” immediately reminds us of the group’s finer material. Heavy emphasis is placed on a monotonous acid line, while beautifully produced atmospherics clang deep behind lines of percussive groove. Karsh shows a masterful use of reverb on this track. As it builds, he increases the depth of certainelements to alter the course of an otherwise straight forward track. Try to listen to “Robotnik” without forgetting where you are, or what year it is. This is a weapon for peak after-hours moments, when sweat induced fog rises over the crowd and brings the dancers together in unity. Finishing at just over five minutes, the track never overstays its welcome. Rather, it beckons a replay.

Keep an eye out for the “Ataraxia” EP, dropping on February 2nd via X-Kalay’s Bandcamp page. The record will be available both digitally and on vinyl so there’s no excuse not to pick this one up!