Long Island Sound – Ease In [Kyoku Records]

Alas, the first run of the wonderfully well-received and expertly curated origami series from Melbourne-based Kyoku Records is coming to an end. However, before moving on to new endeavours, we’re going to be graced with one last appearance from the orizuru, hachidori, oumu and hakucho, that is, the paper crane, the hummingbird, the parrot and the swan. The aptly titled “Odoru Tori” EP which translates to “Dancing Birds” is the first of its kind various artists compilation for the Australian imprint, featuring the same group of producers who were at the helm for each of the label’s solo releases to date. Making their return are Dorsi Plantar, Long Island Sound, Sune, and Ethyène (alongside Folamour and Marc Bianco).[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-long-island-sound-ease-in” /]
You may find the artwork for today’s premiere familiar, and that is because the parrot has already made an appearance both for Kyoku and for Bolting Bits in the form of a premiere of Long Island Sound’s (soundcloudDelusions from their solo “Last Place You Look” EP released almost exactly a year ago. We’re more than happy to follow that one up with today’s feature, Ease In, the B1 on the forthcoming VA compilation. The Irish duo employ a familiar recipe here, finding another catchy vocal hook and intricately weaving it in along with other samples into an engaging arrangement that not only makes you want to listen but more importantly makes you want to dance as well. The main string sample lends a dreamy character to the song while the tougher drums and groovy bassline pleasantly contradict it. Pair all of the above with their adept synth work and you’ve got yourself another surefire hit.As always, this one comes highly recommended and will be vinyl only, so be sure to get your copy at Juno.