PREMIERE : Long Island Sound – Delusions

long island sound - kyoku records
Each year brings with it new music from artists or labels that were previously unheard of. This year is no different, with many new and emerging faces having provided us with some exceptional listening material. Enter Kyoku Records, a label established in 2016 by two friends from Melbourne, Australia, who are committed to bringing quality music from both established and up-and-coming talents to the world.

Just two releases in and they’ve caught the ears of some of the scene’s best tastemakers. Records from seasoned Frenchman Ethyène and budding Dane Dorsi Plantar are making the rounds now and you may still be able to snag a copy of each if it’s not too late, as these are strictly limited affairs. Their artwork thus far has consisted of origami birds with inserts that show you how to create each one and that will be the case for the third release as well.

Irish duo Long Island Sound (soundcloud) are at the helm for Kyoku’s third EP, “Last Place You Look” and we are very excited to bring you the premiere of the B1 track Delusions. Warm sampled chords and natural sounding percussion slowly evolve alongside a bent note that forms an ear-pleasing hook while an elegant female vocal really draws the listener in. Delicate keys and a high string line further compliment the graceful composition as some filtered synth work aids the piece in reaching its apex. Meanwhile, the bass works in perfect tandem with the drum groove which lends the otherwise alluring tune a very danceable quality.

The release won’t be out for a while yet but this should motivate you to get your pre-orders in early!

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