PREMIERE : Leon Revol – If Terry Was In D [Beats Of No Nation]

We can’t remember a producer that has hit the ground running with such an accomplished and well rounded sound as Leon Revol (soundcloud). Since his debut on Monologues alongside Laurence Guy, everything he has made has hit all the right notes, a cosmic and spacey sound that is also as warm as a midsummer night in Bordeaux, the hometown of Monsieur Revol.

Today’s premiere comes from his forthcoming EP entitled Lou Bet Sou on Beats Of No Nation, a label set up by Dom Bird, Jad Lee and Sean Bate. This is their 4th outing, having previously unleashed music by The Chord Memory Band (a project by founder Dom Bird), Jad & The (a moniker used by other founding father Jad Lee) & Super Fun Bumper Edition (a collaboration between Charles Murdoch and Jad Lee).

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If Terry Was In D starts with gorgeous Rhodes scales, twirling, always twirling around the stereo field, closely accompanied by a syncopated kick and loose chord progressions. Leon wastes no time getting the percussion section going, all the time various elements meandering in and out of your consciousness. There are so many wonderful little musical phrases in this track, it takes a couple of listens to appreciate what is going on. Complimenting each other like fine cuisine, all the ingredients blend together to create a mouthwatering masterpiece. The whole EP is a complete package of varying guises of house and Leon has executed each one with style. It seems like each record he puts out, there is more and more to like about this guy and we at Bolting Bits cannot wait to hear more from him and of course our friends down under at Beats Of No Nation.

You can pre-order the release from the Beats Of No Nation Bandcamp page here. Released on Nov 10th.