LB aka Labat – Leaders for the government [WOLF Music]

Wolf-EP44 LB aka Labat

Young French musician, LB aka Labat (soundcloud), is about to bolster his already-impressive couple of years of music-making with a release for English house and disco label, WOLF.

The Brighton/London label has a strong following and a discography that will suit an LB aka Labat record. For this cut, called “Trimz & Thangz”, the Lyon-based producer offers four dusty-sounding, sample-riddled house tracks of laudable sophistication for a guy in the nascency of what we hope will be a long and prolific career.

Our premiere is B1 on the record, Leaders For The Government, because there’s little we love more than political-house. The track starts with a vocal sample of a man somewhat grimly lamenting the prospect of a government “for the leaders, by the leaders.” But then a sliding bassline, groovy drum loop and funky guitar flurry suddenly open musical proceedings, to shift the track toward a more hopeful direction. “Bees make their honey, I make music,” the man says.

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This is a simple track – the instrumentation isn’t particularly inventive, but it doesn’t need to be. As far as easy-listening goes, you won’t find a more amicable seven-minutes of music under the house/disco umbrella. 

The rest of the EP is very interesting and all the songs combined are worth the cost of any high-quality four-tracker, so look out for their release on March 9.