Last Nubian – You’re Shepherd [Nómada Records]

nomada records - last nubian
UK based artist Last Nubian has once again linked up with Bogotá based label, Nomada Records, following on from his Celestial Curacao release back in 2018. This time he joins forces with Sofatalk, in putting together a 6 part joint EP.

As we have come to expect, Last Nubian stays true to his intimate, deep & soulful agenda, serving up another slice of feel good house music in a time when we can all agree that it is most needed. ‘You’re Shepherd’ is the track that does exactly that by virtue of its composition.

Vocal snippets bubble away in the background giving it depth and character, whilst lush and dreamy chords flow back and forth throughout the entirety of the track, providing that sound that you will be familiar with if you’ve enjoyed any of Last Nubian’s previous releases. Perhaps the most infectious element here is the DX style bassline that really bounces around once it kicks in and brings the track to life, and which when combined with the fizzy percussive elements, give this track that classic house groove that you just can’t help but move to.


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