Larionov – Never Forever [Craigie Knowes]

Larionov - Never Forever [Craigie Knowes]

Next up on the renowned Scottish underground label Craigie Knowes is Larionov & St. Theodore’s Thunderstrike EP. These two upcoming Russian producers team up for their fourth collaborative release, after catching the attention of electro & EBM lovers everywhere through their releases on Rotterdam Electronix, Hilltown Disco and Snuff Trax. Hailing from Voronezh in Russia’s Southwest, Larionov & St. Theodore pay homage to the golden age of electro with their raw analogue style that has been supported by the likes of The Hacker and Helena Hauff to name a few.

Each side of the record features a collaborative effort by the two producers, as well as a solo track. Larionov’s amazing cut Never Forever closes out the A side, and invokes a strong sense of Detroit electro and the iconic Drexciya duo with a foreboding, aquatic sounding synth. A commanding bassline, clamoring snare, and classic 808 rimshot provide the listener with a proper electro/EBM rinse down. The whole way through, the EP showcases the extensive use of the Roland SH-101 and TR-808, two pinnacle pieces of hardware used in crafting the electro style that Larionov & St. Theodore are known for.

Larionov & St. Theodore’s Thunderstrike EP is out on Craigie Knowes on November 2, 2020.