Kyra Khaldi – Show Me What’s Life [LOCH INN]

A compilation that resonates with the spirit of its environment. Crafted as a snapshot of the LOCH INN series hosted at De School, ‘V/A LOCH INN at De School’ encapsulates the diverse talent that contributed to the collective exchange during these events at Het Muzieklokaal.

At the core of LOCH INN is a dedication to the local music scene, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and fostering an exchange of knowledge and inspiration between the artists and audience. This compilation not only captures the essence of the project but also stands as a tribute to the abundant local talent. This compilation unveils the tip of the iceberg, offering a glimpse into the vast pool of artistry within Amsterdam’s electronic music scene, and beyond.

Immerse yourself in a curated selection of tracks that represent the versatility of the music played during these listening sessions. Ranging from meticulously crafted techno by Elisa Batti and Carlotta Jacobi, CDF’s dreamy house music, FIGI & LUUKA’s off-kilter electro, Teqmun’s stripped-down, direct bass music, to R&B singer Tico Mac, along with theater maker Keely Westwood, ‘V/A LOCH INN at De School’ plays as a curious, genre-defying ride.


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