KX9000 – Bakayarō On S.U.V. (Feat. ALVA)

blaq numbers - KX9000
Welcome to Kaijū & Features, a fantasy soundtrack that takes you on a joyride through a world of juicy basslines and analogue vibes. In this funky kingdom, where uplifting house grooves pimp themselves with a far eastern 80s scent, KX9000, Mangabey, Alva and Tour Maubourg wild their sceptre as a Megazord of French house.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-kx9000-bakayaro-on-suv-feat-alva” /]
Infected by the sound of various Japanese masterminds like Soichi Terada, the gang jams a wild video game vibe into the French legacy shaped by Roulé and F Communications. So stop making excuses, get your speakers cranked up and tune in for another adventure of Blaq Numbers. Grab your copy here!