KNLB – We Cut Up (Baltra Remix) [Releisure]

KNLB - We Cut Up (b-side)

KNLB is a young and talented artist, who has already released two vinyl EPs on Vibraphone Records (Italian underground label based out of Rome). Today we are going to enjoy one of the tracks from his recent release on underground label “releisure” based out of Brooklyn, NY which brought several very high appreciated releases earlier this year, releasing music of Intergalactic Faerie Funk, Keita Sano and Baltra.

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Track we are going to review today is actually a remix done by Michael Baltra. After his long anticipated album “Ted” which he released in July 2019 he revealed several remixes that he did in last copule month and as always he is showing amazingly good music with his signature sounding proving that he is here to stay.

Lofi mysterious adventure into layers of punchy drum kicks, mellow synth harmonies, interstellar artifacts is creating nostalgic feeling which is soaking you more and more with every sound. Airy and dreamy atmoshphere of floating in the bliss with only one wish to dissolve with the sound wave, so close your eyes and let the music take you deep, very deep.