King Softy – Pump Capacitor [INDEX: Records]

index records

INDEX:Records, a new label of far-flung, left-field electronic experimentation and wizardry, are releasing their latest various-artists compilation, “INDEX: Vol. 3” on November 4th. We at Bolting Bits would like to take the opportunity to invite you to a virtual release listening-party happening on Thursday, October 29th at 4:00pm EDT, hosted by INDEX on Facebook Live. The link to the event with more information is posted below. 

Link to listening party.

With the fifth track on INDEX:Records’ compilation, King Softy’s “Pump Capacitor” brings a slice of harsh, corrosive abstract electronic in the same vein as Objekt. The obscure Berlin-based artist has yet to release an EP, but if this track is any indication, his sound is fully formed and ready to be deployed in a longer format. 

The opening sub-bass of the track is deep and all-encompassing, making way for an onslaught of stripped-down, mutated drum-n-bass percussion, alien-like synth effects, and a heavily-distorted vocal clip. Softy takes the bare-bones structure of a drum-n-bass song and stretches it to its most extreme permutations until what is left is hardly recognizable, but at the same, completely engrossing. Despite its exercise in experimental electronic acrobatics, the song maintains a robust structure, circling back to its central beat with the same menacing and stealthy energy of an Anaconda wrapping its way around a lifeless victim.

The song gradually loosens its muscular grip, shedding layers of sonic distortion and contorted noise before once again revealing that skeletal drum pattern and ephemeral ambiance. Across four minutes, Softy displays an impressive array of hard-edged, mind-melting sonic tricks that feel right at home on this outré compilation.


Gilad. L