PREMIERE : KGB – Detroit 909 (Cosmic Garden mix) [Cosmic Rhythm]

cosmic rhtyhm - CRM05


It’s not often we get to cover the reissue of a classic, so when a re-release of KGB’s Italian house classic “Detroit 909” hit our inbox, we immediately jumped at the chance. Originally written and produced by Ivan Iacobucci in 1991, these NU versions of a somewhat underappreciated track were more than welcome. Dropping via Cosmic Rhythm, a southern Italian label with a penchant for mystic sounds, black grooves, atmospheric dreamy vibes and natural elements, this collection of reinterpretations are sure to get the mind wandering, the blood pumping, and the feet shuffling.

The A2, “Detroit 909 (Cosmic Garden mix),” is a stand-out for us. Glittery, ascending arpeggiated synths lead immediately into a beautifully washed out tropical atmosphere full of chirping birds and the calming sounds of a babbling brook. What ensues is the obvious sounds of the beloved 909 drum machine, it’s deep kick and robotic snare drum are infinitely recognizable as they carry the track towards a chilled, but heavily groovy bassline that’s more hypnotic than a 90s magic eye poster. The “Cosmic Garden mix” feels like a trip into your grandma’s garden if your grandma was a space pioneer cultivating her plants and harvesting her crops on some distant planet inhabited only by her and gorgeous, other-wordly creatures.

Keep an eye on Cosmic Rhythm, they’re off to a great start and have already released a few excellent projects. If the reimaginings of “Detroit 909” are an indicator of an even brighter future, then we best get our sunglasses out.

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