KETTAMA – Falling Down [Shall Not Fade]

A native of Galway, KETTAMA has spent the past couple of years rising through the tricky ranks of the Irish electronic music scene with his multiple residencies on the West and East coasts. However, his biggest claim to fame so far has been the online presence he has built across a range of different music communities online. What has happened since has been nothing short of breathtaking; his blend of hefty kicks with catchy riffs and stabs has given the house world a new ‘one to watch’ and he has certainly given everyone a good show to look at thus far.

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Last year being his best year to date with his release of Bucklyn Bridge on Brookyln’s HOMAGE, KETTAMA has no intention of slowing down in 2019. Joining the likes of powerhouses such as Demuja, Adryiano, Loods, and Harrison BDP, KETTAMA has recently decided to collaborate with UK label Shall Not Fade to come out with a new record titled Eastside Avenue.

Today, we are sharing one of the originals from the 4 track EP and it’s called “Falling Down.” Featuring generous applications of floor shattering bass and old-school Acid house synth work, the Irish lad is able to put together a high-energy chune that has “peak time” written all over it. We do not always post bangers of this variety on Bolting Bits, but when we do, they are usually top notch…and this certainly lives up to the standard.

You can pre-order Eastside Avenue by clicking on this link right here. It’s set for release on April 12th. This is sure to fly off the shelves.