Kerem Akdag – I’m Young [Boogie Angst]

Following the success of Edition One, Dutch sensations Kraak and Smaak drop a brand new sixteen-track Boogie Angst compilation of the finest cuts from their label, alongside a whole host of exclusive, forthcoming material. It’s a delectable collection of soulful, funk inspired house, downtempo beats and indie infused electronica. Dutch homegrown talent Feiertag opens up the compilation with the beautifully cinematic ‘Bunraku’, harnessing the innate soul emanating from David Harks’ vocals. This dreamy, downbeat thread runs through a number of the tracks, providing a healthy balance between the more dancefloor-orientated joints. Take to Snacks’ slo-mo piano trip ‘Daydream’, Meeka Kates and Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez’s evocatively soulful, R&B infused ‘No’ or Moods’ syncopated, electronic exploration of analogue warmth, ‘Lost Translation’ (exclusive to this comp) for prime examples of this meditative bliss.

There’s an abundance of other exclusive material nestled in the compilation too. From indie disco three-piece Patawawa, providing an electro tinged, synth boogie gem, to the shimmering modern funk laid down by Oakland’s E.Live on ‘Got Me Good’. Other highlights include our pick today hotly tipped Turkish multi-instrumentalist, Kerem Akdag, interweaving spiritual synth work and soulful vocal refrains over a dusty, lo-fi house beat on ‘I’m Young’, alongside Balearic deep house authority, Luvless marrying enchantingly introspective synths with a sunset styled aesthetic for ‘Hush’. A Boogie Angst showcase wouldn’t be complete without a smattering of funk flecked, disco leaning, club-ready weapons. I Gemin joins forces with Castanea to showcase this expertly through their sun-kissed piano house anthem, ‘Fall In Love’ laced with melancholic Brazilian vocals and squelching bassline. Elsewhere, New-Zealand newcomers A Band Called Success let loose on an MPC styled, dancefloor hazer, whilst Vhyce lays out an 80’s inspired, indie imbued cut, providing the perfect backdrop for Yves Paquet’s reverberated tones.

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With their 6th studio album not far off, Dutch maestros Kraak and Smaak also treat the compilation to recently released set-up single, ‘I’ll Be Loving You’. Teaming up with long-time vocal collaborator IVAR, they channel a slice of the summer into this irresistible, funk-laden, pool party jam. Cowbell heat a plenty! A hand- picked selection of some of the most exciting producers in the scene right now; ‘Edition Two’ showcases everything from dancefloor delights to horizontal haziness, all tied together with a soulfulness that the Boogie Angst label has become so well known for.

Boogie Angst Edition Two is preceded by a six-track album sampler which is available 23rd November includes:
Kraak & Smaak – I’ll be Loving You (feat. Ivar)/ E. Live – Got Me Good / Feiertag – Bunraku (feat. David Harks) / Snacks – Daydream / I Gemin & Castanea – Fall in Love (original extended)/ Vhyce – Duran Duran (Feat. Yves Paquet) (Luvless remix) / Kerem Akdag – I’m Young