Keita Sano – Lonnie (Pt.2) [IDNK 002]

IDNK 002 (Aside)

Today we have a special release from mysterious IDNK.NYC, after releasing heavy hitter O’NEAL from Baltra in 2017, they were keeping silent for some time… to come back with another heavy hitter LONNIE (PT.2) by KEITA SANO.

Keita Sano is a famous producer originally from Okayama, Japan with releases on Mister Saturday Night, SheikNBeik, Lets Play House to name a few. Recently he moved to Berlin to continue his journey in the world of music. His music and remixes are very diverse but always melodic, catchy and delivering!

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LONNIE (PT.2) is a gam, masterful blend of jazzy melodic samples, disco vibes and MPC beats! Creating a story about easy living and good summer days, it will perfectrly fit for the rooftop summer parties when all you need to do is dance and get down like there is no tomorrow. Release will be available digitally in the middle of August, stay tuned and enjoy the rest of summer!