Karl F Eugen – Botanik [Paley Recordings]

Introducing ’Super Sleeper’ EP by Karl F Eugen, the second official release on the newly formed Gothenburg-based label, Paley Recordings. PLR002 brings you two originals from Karl himself.

’Super Sleeper’, a play on words defines this chugging, percussion-heavy track. Working in a lower BPM than usual, Karl finds a unique place between slow and dubby vibes with highly intense breakbeats to create an energetic and danceable track. One would almost describe this as down-tempo jungle.

On the B-side, ’Botanik’, Karl turns up the BPM and we find ourselves with an ethereal, chill track with a healthy dose of swing. Botanik’s synths, pads, and samples bring a nostalgic late-90s vibe that is sure to work wonders during the late hours of any type of party.


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