Kamyar Keramati – Mad World Of Mr Ghara’ti [Interactive View Of Emotions]

Social rules and understandings shape what people feel and how they do or don’t express their feelings… and this is the Interactive View of Emotions. Berlin based, Iranian Kamyar Keramati inaugurates his own label, taking you on a Voyage through low-end leaned Techno, Trance, New-beat and Break-beat with sharp and punchy beats that were caught in the air, and expressed amongst the midst of the winter pandemic.

The first listen on the label is “dɪˈfɛktɪv”, riding an incredible squelching line from the get go, before directing you down a path of mechanical movements, each element conversing to create a unique language for club to understand. Next on the EP is “Mad World Of Mr. Ghara’ti” an enthusiastic trip laced with ricocheting shades of acid, packed with a distinctive drive which carries the track into intergalactic atmospheres.

On the flip side, simmering synths bubble throughout “Interactive View Of Emotions”, a track name that the label entity was born from, showcasing the intentions of the project and what this journey will entail. Dusty broken drums tease you into the curious ride that is, “Abyss”, meandering through mysterious textures, painting a hypnotic illusion for the listener, classy modern day trance with a twist.

Known for his prolific productions as one half of the Tonnovelle duo, Kamyar Keramati goes it alone with “Interactive Views Of Emotions”, allowing himself full freedom, taking the life experiences he has endured and laying them out bare for everybody to listen, telling his tale from the heart.


Text has been provided by the label.