PREMIERE : Kaffe Crème – Baciami Subito


FHUO Records or For Heaven Use Only is a new record label founded by Folamour, who is also a co-founder of the widely successful Moonrise Hill Material and a very talented producer in his own right. The forthcoming first release is a various artist EP and is titled “L’Homme ne descend pas du singe mais du bruit” translated to Man didn’t descend from monkeys but from noise. The tagline on the Soundcloud page reads “no informations needed”, which we assume means let the music do the talking.

One of the four tracks on the EP is by fellow MHM co-founder Victor Dijoud aka Kaffe Crème, who released Moonrise Hill Material’s highly sought after second record. “Baciami Subito” is proof again that the Lyon based producer and multi-instrumentalist is able to elegantly merge samples with his own sound to create something unique.

Starting off with a Duke Ellington sample introducing famed trumpet player Cat Anderson, “Baciami Subito” then jumps into an infectious groove with an upbeat jazzy bassline. Miles Davis’ unmistakable voice makes several appearances throughout while a moody trumpet and keys provide some welcoming contrast. All the while, Kaffe Crème seamlessly manages to fuse his own playful percussion elements into the mix making it seem like they belonged there all along.

The release will be out in November, be sure to add this one to your collection as soon as its available!

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