K-LONE – Clouds [Banoffee Pies]

Stratocumulus: a cloud belonging to a genus-type characterized by large dark masses, usually in lines or waves, much like this melodic sub banger from London based artist, K-LONE. Keeping deep dark garage alive and at the forefront of the movement, K-LONE, producer and creator of Wisdom Teeth record label, throws out another sci-fi infused gem with the help of scrumptious delightful Bristol label, Banoffee Pies. This track comes as part of the Banoffee Pies Digi 05 compilation of records previously available on vinyl-only, a release full of treats from the likes of Jay Anderson, Crump and Gallegos!

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-k-lone-clouds” /]
Sophisticatedly distorted vocals crackling in, live percussion, signature hefty sub bass, clever snares and classic hi-hat rhythms; ‘Clouds’ is a 7 minute galactic odyssey that is seductive and unforgettable. The space is filled perfectly, every unique segment is used to create an intense scene. K-Lone, uses his refined production skills to echo the classic uplifting garage vibe, but ensures that you don’t float off too far, there is enough murkiness to lure you into the deepest darkest corners of the grimiest basements and warehouses. Imagine you are about to transcend up into the unknown but as you start to float earth-shaking bass keeps you skanking firmly on the ground. Like watching a storm from a balcony, this track is eventful and entirely gripping. K-Lone cleverly carves out an impressive bassy landscape somewhere between earth and space. Light airy synths swim beneath hard hitting thunderous beats, this track rumbles cracks, breaks and bangs.

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