JVXTA – State of Nature [Homage]

NYC-based label and party series HOMAGE is set to drop their third release, this time with the help of London-based DJ and producer JVTXA (soundcloud). As a budding artist still finding their place amidst the low-fi renaissance that’s currently sweeping scenes around the globe, JVXTA’s “Rudy’s Disc” EP plays with time and space — honouring a romantic past while keeping its edges sharp and forward thinking.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/jvxta-state-of-nature” /]

Today we premiere the EP’s closing track, a seven-minute slow burner titled, State of Nature. From the opening bar onward JVXTA dims the lights and sets the mood, inviting trance by way of his tightly interwoven percussion, crackling with a dust that’s distinctly Detroit in nature. Floating up from below, a synthesized string brings levity, opening the mix and making room for quick piano cuts and distorted hoots and hollers, each panning right to left before fleeing towards an alluring unknown. As the track unfolds layer by layer, the groove revealed harkens back to an unmistakably 90’s Detroit root, proudly displayed in it’s mechanical hi-hats and soaring acapella. All the while, JVXTA grounds us in the here, now, and beyond with stunning synthesized sound design. Glimmering keys and thick pads rest leisurely in the middle of the mix, evoking the image of a future yet unheard. A perfect way to lay us down to rest at the end of an otherwise floor-filling EP.Brawn, Rudy’s Disc, and When We Kiss are all currently streaming on HOMAGE’s soundcloud page as we round out the new record with this premiere. House heads who know their history are sure to flock towards this modern take on a classic sound, as should anyone enjoying the collective 90’s nostalgia currently gracing dance floors both small and large. Pre-order your copy from Juno.