Jurchen – Is It So Unsafe? [Tomahawk]

Jurchen - Is It So Unsafe? - tomahawkWhile there isn’t too much known publicly about the young firm that comprises Tomahawk Records, a few things can certainly be gleaned from their first three releases. For starters, they have a taste for explosively rugged house and techno laden with a wistfulness that never betrays the humans behind the machine (both proverbial and literal). With their fourth and latest outing from German-based producer–and possible time traveler–Jurchen, they continue to expand their palette while staying true to their overall vision. Bolting Bits is showcasing the A2 from the EP titled “Space Adventures”, and from the name alone, it’s clear we won’t be earthbound for long.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-jurchen-is-it-so-unsafe” /]
From the opening moments of ‘Is It So Unsafe’, we’re teleported to another realm, coming face to face with an extraterrestrial presence. Adventuring synth melodies and airy kicks help to establish a fictional and effective urgency as the journey unfolds. There’s a very evocative quality to the percussion and keys as they splash and careen into one another, conjuring both colorful vibrancy and noir-like contrast. Minor chords end up as counterpoints to the chaotic undercurrent, fracturing the track through an emotional prism as the song reaches its apex.

The debut was released in March of this year with a profile that just keeps rising and rising; merging modern dance structure with aural and emotional motifs from decades prior. It’s clear from this stunning first statement that Jurchen has created a truly special portal to an otherworldly plain. Hopefully whatever we encounter out there in the great unknown is equally welcoming…Already in stores.