Juravlove – Pepa [Noire et Blanche]

Juravole Pepa Single Arg (1)
Funk, Jazz, House, R&B are all influences in the EP we present you with today. Enter Juravlove; a producer, DJ and radio host based out of St. Petersburg, Russia who has been a central figure in the city’s thriving underground scene. A key member of the Polyritm collective and regular on Test FM radio, Juravlove (real name Igor Zhuravlev) epitomises the sound associated with Russia at the moment – groovin, jazzy, soulful house. His latest musical offering is a six-tracker, ‘Pepa EP’, coming out via Délicieuse Musique’s excellent sub-label Noire & Blanche, home to artists such as Folamour, Loure, Leon Revol and A Vision of Panorama. Throughout these six tracks, Juravlove explores a certain mood of jazzy house – catchy synth melodies, rhythmic vocal shots and funk guitar samples all feature over constant four-to-the-floor drums.

For our premiere today we chose to pay particular attention to the EP’s title track – Pepa. It opens up the EP nicely with warm and soulful pads, reverbed vocals and playful synthlines. It’s a classic deep house track, one that is sure to create an atmosphere at any club. The EP’s simplicity is also it’s beauty – If you’re into your classic house vibes, this release is for you. All six tracks share the same level of energy – plenty of bang for your buck!



Michael D.